Business Analysis Crash Course (16 Hours)


Training Overview


Most large companies and organizations that rely heavily on software for business operations, employ Business Analysts to communicate business needs to software developers. When analysts do not do their job effectively, the result is incomplete or incorrect requirements - leading causes of spiraling development costs and project delays.


In the Crash Course, you’ll learn how to cut costs and delays by improving communication between business stakeholders and developers through comprehensive requirements analysis and documentation.


No course on the market offers this amount of content in so little time. How can we do this?  By removing all of the “fat” traditionally found in BA courses.
Tool-focused: This course focuses on the tools and techniques used by the BA to perform the role.


Unlike in other introductory courses, you won't waste time learning generalities; you'll actually learn how to use the key BA techniques so you can hit the ground running.


Training Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:


  • Understand the BA function, the different types of requirements and the process for developing high-level business goals into solution requirements

  • Create well-defined Scope Statement

  • Learn how and when to ask the right questions during requirements elicitation events.

  • Create quality requirements documentation for an in-house or procured (external vendor) solution that is comprehensive, unambiguous and promotes consistency and reuse.

  • Know when to use each technique and model

  • Use models to effectively work out requirements, to analyze, document and trace requirements until they can be packaged and communicated to Business in order to get an approval.

  • Leverage the Project success with requirements which satisfy the Business Need

  • Reduce re-work on requirements by ensuring to initially get the right requirements

  • Elicit and document user requirements with use cases.

  • Model business process workflow using activity diagrams with swim lanes.

  • Capture detailed user requirements in system use-case specifications.

  • Understand the relationship between the BA and PM roles and how the BA supports the PM in managing and tracing requirements.



Target Audience

Systems analysts, business analysts, requirements analysts, developers, software engineers, IT project managers, project managers, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, program managers, testers, and QA specialists.



Training Topics
1. Introduction to Business Analysis
  • What is Business Analysis

  •  Business Analyst Roles

  • Required Skills & Pre-Requisites

  • Role of BA is SDLC

  • Business Analysis Knowledge Areas


2. Requirements Planning
  • Business Analysis Planning


3. Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Elicitation


4. Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis

  • Use Cases Development

  • UML Modeling Techniques

    • Use case Diagrams

    • Activity Diagrams

    • State Diagrams

    • Sequence Diagrams

    • Class Diagrams