Are you loosing sleep over requirements ?


We offer customized training and mentoring for your Business Analyst team, rapidly identifying opportunities for improvement in your people and processes and enabling you to raise the effectiveness of your Business Analyst activity in a very short period.

Business Analysis Consultancy

Business Analysis (BA) has become a practice important to the success of any organization. iConsult has worked with client organizations as they adopt this concept and helped them to successfully integrate Business Analysis into their organizations. Our senior consultants are experts at implementing Business Analysis Best Practice as well as providing support for other BA initiatives. iConsult offers a suite of dynamic consulting solutions across our Business Analysis competency vertical covering topics such as:

  • Requirements Elicitation

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Developing Use Cases

  • UML Modeling 

  • Requirements Management

  • Communicating Business Requirements

  • Creating a BA Center of Excellence

  • Business Analysis Maturity

  • Business Analysis Supporting Agile Methodologies

RFP Creation

The lack of a structured and objective evaluation methodology can easily result in an organization purchasing a software solution that does not best meet the organization’s requirements, is difficult to implement, and ends up costing more initially and throughout the life of the software.



Our objective,is to provide a process that will uncover all of the information needed to make an informed decision. All evaluation processes are based on validated and prioritized organizational requirements.


Business Analysis Outsourcing

Our staff of trained specialists plays a vital role in the software consulting process. Business analysts elicit the requirements of users from proposed enterprise systems.


Once elicited, they document and communicate these findings to the technology team for development of appropriate systems. They serve as a channel between the business users and technical teams, ensuring that there is a clear flow of communication between the two.

Customer Needs Analysis

A business requirement consultation / needs analysis is available for customers with complex business processes or requirements.



This consultation is often performed prior to the initial sale, or when a company wishes to automate a new component of their business process.



The consultation process involves a consultant from iConsult and an individual or group of people from your company jointly reviewing the business process. In so doing, the consultant is able to compare business needs with software capabilities and existing procedures, and to create a detailed report, which explains both the requirements and how they may be met.

Requirements Center of Excellence 

Experienced Business Analysts don’t come cheap,  this means recruiting an inexperienced analyst or using an in-house resource to fulfil the role can create as many problems as it solves.


By working with iConsult, you will have access to practices common to multinational corporations with huge budgets.

Onsite Coaching & Mentoring

Our business analysis coaches/mentors are available to help you evaluate your current situation, critique and give you positive feedback

on what you have done.


We help you select the most probable success route, ensure compliance with industry and organizational standards and guidelines, and map your skill-building progress.


Examples of mentoring assistance provided:

  • Guidance for selecting the appropriate deliverables for your project

  • Assistance in determining and estimating business analysis activities

  • Provide direction for adapting and customizing templates

  • Help with roles, career paths and skill development identification

  • Direction for building and sustaining a Community of Practice or Center of Excellence